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  • Rudnap Group

    Combining a long-standing tradition of successful business operation with the latest technologies and working processes, RUDNAP Group is today one of the most significant companies in providing goods and service of exceptional importance for the industries and societies at large. Fully committed to every client, as well as to needs of nearly 500 employees, RUDNAP Group develops in four main business areas: energy, industry, properties and agribusiness.

    Nowadays, RUDNAP Group builds power and thermal plant systems and equipment, provides energy-related engineering, consulting and IT services, develops and builds real estate projects and is a strong contender in the energy trading segment. Recently, RUDNAP Group has diversified its operations by entering agribusiness. RUDNAP Group is present on the markets of 17 South East, Central and West European countries, either through its own subsidiaries or through partnerships with other companies.

Business Divisions

  • Energy

    ENERGY, as a Group’s core business area, has a strategic objective of leveraging potential in the area of power trade through development, construction and operation of proprietary power generation capacities.  [...]

  • Indystry

    INDUSTRY division of RUDNAP Group is specialised in project engineering, production and maintenance of power equipment, electrical installations and devices, development of IT solutions and trade in industrial machines and equipment. The division comprises three companies: RUDNAP Group Minel Kotlogradnja,Energosoft and RUDNAP Global Trade. [...]

  • Properties

    One of the strategic business areas for RUDNAP Group is development and construction of residential and business facilities. In order to execute this strategy and support the company’s expansion into the field of commercial property development, in 2006, RUDNAP Group has established PROPERTIES division. RUDNAP Group’s real estate portfolio consists of buildings, factories, resorts and land for luxurious real estate project construction situated at prime locations in Belgrade and Serbia. [...]

  • Agribusiness

    The objective of establishing AGRIBUSINESS division in 2009, was development of the Serbian agricultural sector, through growing best-quality fruit on the most fertile arable land of Serbia. This is achieved by using modern equipment and machines, combined with an intensive implementation of state-of-the-art agricultural technologies coming from the exchange of know-how and cooperation with scientific institutes and leading global companies in this sector. [...]

Success of today is based
on the grounds of 65 years
long tradition